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Smart Working: getting a good night’s rest counts

Initially, we thought it would soon be over, and yet, ...
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Dolmie D-Travel: your perfect travelling pillow

Travelling certainly seems a distant memory, doesn’t it? When was ...
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Fighting neck pain? Dolmie pillows is your solution

There’s no denying it, we’re all going through difficult times. ...
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Choosing a neck pillow? Follow Dolmie’s advice

The ideal pillow guarantees a restful sleep not only for ...
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Baby pillow: yes or no? Dolmie’s advice

When a baby is on the way, one of the ...
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Dolmie pillows: no more nightmare nights in 2021

Although the past year has been a challenging one, not ...
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Dreamloops technology: sleep soundly with Dolmie Our sleep experience is ...
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Dolmie Set-41

Sleeping (and travelling) between two pillows

Many people, whether travelling on holiday or for work, are ...
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