Fighting neck pain? Dolmie pillows is your solution

There’s no denying it, we’re all going through difficult times. Many people have experienced high levels of stress which have also influenced our rest. In recent months, prolonged smart working and lack of physical activity have taken their toll. In many cases, incorrect postures for prolonged periods have also led to increased neck pain cases, often due to our endless sleepless nights. Yet, what if there were a simple solution available to everyone?

Let’s clarify: what is cervicalgia and what are the symptoms?

Sometimes, many people misuse the term “cervicalgia”, but it is a real and concrete problem for all people who suffer from it. It is mostly known as “cervicalgia”, it is a condition manifested by various pains in the neck area and often spread to the shoulders and upper limbs. In addition to the typical stiff neck, this condition’s symptoms can include dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, tachycardia, palpitations, and some types of hearing problems. What are the causes of this condition? The holding of incorrect positions for prolonged periods of time and often during sleep, as well as lack of physical activity, cold snaps, and finally also moments of stress and emotional tension.

Solutions: how to choose the right pillow

This problem can be successfully solved by improving one’s sleeping experience. However, one myth needs to be dispelled immediately: there is no such thing as the perfect pillow for your neck. We are not all the same and each of us has different needs. In order to choose the right pillow, one first needs to consider its use. Cervical pillows have different shapes depending on whether they are used in a supine or seated position:

  • Ergonomic pillows: perfect for sleeping in bed at night. Thanks to their memory foam materials, these pillows follow the head and neck’s natural contours, create support for the cervical area, and ensure correct body posture. The result? Tension alleviation and, finally, a regenerating sleep.

  • Tubular pillows: ideal for travellers and those who work for long periods in a seated position or maintain the same position for many consecutive hours. Thanks to their tubular shape, the pillow fits snugly behind the hollow of your neck, making your journey much more comfortable.

Dolmie has created a completely innovative solution that allows the pillow to be customised thanks to dreamloops in memory foam, a perfect material for a neck pillow as it adapts to the body without creating tension and counter-resistance towards the neck.

Dolmie neck pillows: never again without them!

Those who have discovered them stopped looking and have never gone back.

The characteristics of Dolmie pillows, thanks to the use of individual memory foam cylinders, represent a real revolution for those suffering from this pathology. The micro-cylinder padding of in memory foam allows pillow height adjustment by simply adding or removing material according to one’s needs. Our website allows you to choose a type of pillow for every situation or age: Baby, Pillow, Travel.

What’s more, each pillow, whether for travel or bed, is antibacterial, breathable, and comes with a pillowcase and padding that can be washed and sanitised in a washing machine at 30° using neutral soaps or with disinfectant additives; in addition, all parts of the pillow can be put through the dryer.

And yes, before we forget, Dolmie pillows come with a 10-year guarantee and 100 trial nights.

All you need to do now is place your order on our website while stocks last.

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