Dolmie D-Travel: your perfect travelling pillow

Travelling certainly seems a distant memory, doesn’t it? When was the last time you booked a plane ticket? Yet, travelling once more is not a utopia but a real possibility this summer. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, some people have continued to travel for work or necessity, and, as we all know, frequent travelling is never easy and may cause fatigue and stress. This is why, even on a trip, you need to get the right amount of rest.

Travelling in comfort: what’s been missing till now

How many times during a train or plane journey have you wished you had a travelling pillow with you? If only one had thought about this before leaving – we know the feeling! Whether travelling by plane, train, or car, we always need head, back, and neck support to avoid neck and muscle pain. With its D-Travel pillow, Dolmie offers you a solution in terms of comfort, practicality, and customisation. The D-Travel pillow is ideal for people who need correctly positioned rest while travelling. 

Available in two models, similar in features but different in shape and design:

  1. Travel First: comfortable design and rectangular shape, for those who never want to give up comfort.
  2. Travel Tube: with its cylindrical and compact shape, it guarantees comfortable and easy transportation.

Being able to personalise your pillow thanks to dreamloops technology makes the Dolmie travel pillows a real revolutionary innovation for those on the move.

Dolmie D-Travel: never travel without it again

Like dreaming, travelling requires a pillow that guarantees maximum comfort under any imaginable travelling condition. Thanks to its memory foam dreamloops, which also greatly enhance air exchange, Dolmie D-Travel’s density adjustment feature is designed to suit all your sleep and relaxation needs. This technology allows the pillow to adapt to your shoulders, back and neck, to ensure maximum comfort and a unique sleeping experience. Its main features are:

  • Customisation with Dreamloops
  • Memory foam
  • Machine washable
  • Innovative design
  • Comfortable to carry

In addition to the possibility of personalisation, both the inner and outer 100% cotton covers are machine-washable, giving you a perfectly hygienic pillow for each new trip and long-lasting use. With the possibility of storing it in a specially designed carrier bag, the pillow guarantees comfortable and easy transportation. Your next trip is waiting for you, but never again without your new Dolmie D-Travel pillow.

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