Smart Working: getting a good night’s rest counts

Initially, we thought it would soon be over, and yet, here we still are, working from home. How well we remember the day we left our office desks, convinced that we would shortly return. But alas, that was only the beginning! Since then, we have spent most of our time cooped up within the confines of our own four walls, subjected to stress, negative feelings, longer hours of rest, and all too often neglecting physical exercise. Not surprisingly, the first physical aches and pains began to appear after endless round trips between our workstation and the sofa. However, the good news is that a change in our sleep and relaxation habits can dramatically reduce such adverse effects.

Working from home: the importance of good sleep 

By disrupting our daily routines and forcing us to reschedule our working days, the pandemic has triggered massive changes in our lives! With social distancing and smart-working rules in force, comfort and proper physical working conditions can positively contribute to the quality of our day-to-day lives. Moreoever, getting a good night’s sleep in these stressful times is also indispensable for our mental and physical health, and incorrect sleeping positions have led many people to experience physical pain in their shoulders, neck, and back. One effective solution is finding a pillow designed to provide a refreshing and relaxing sleeping experience. With this in mind, Dolmie has created a customisable dual-purpose pillow: excellent support for night-time sleeping and essential during the long working hours in front of the PC. 

Dolmie D-Pillow: the pillow you need

As precious ally against stress, neck pain, and insomnia, the ground-breaking Dolmie pillow design is your key to well-being, comfort, and achieving great physical benefits. Thanks to the memory foam dreamloops system, adjusting the pillow height and density according to individual sleep needs takes only a few seconds. For the D-Pillow category, Dolmie has designed two types of pillows with similar characteristics:

  • Suite: a volume-enhancing design with a soft, rounded profile, ideal for a comfortable and natural position every night.
  • D-One: its thinner-sided ergonomic shape guarantees dynamic comfort, while its dreamloops provide your neck with the proper support it needs.

Dolmie pillows are antibacterial and hypoallergenic, and both the inner padding and outer covers are machine washable, leaving a perfectly sanitised pillow with every use. With 100 test nights and a 10-year guarantee, all the indispensable features which quality sleep demands are packed into one product. 

Your new Dolmie pillow will provide you with the most satisfying nights you’ve ever experienced!

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