Dolmie pillows: no more nightmare nights in 2021

Although the past year has been a challenging one, not everything needs to cast out. During this period, many people have re-assessed their idea of wellbeing and tried to improve their fitness and nutrition. While psychophysical wellbeing has taken on a new role in our lives, many people have underestimated the crucial role of proper sleep. That is why Dolmie offers the solution to improve your sleep experience in 2021.

Resting experience: a good night’s sleep leads to a good start.

For all of us, 2021 will be a year in which we will need to invest new energy and new resources to achieve our daily goals. We will need lucidity and physical and mental freshness daily – precisely what we lacked most during the last year. However, by making the mistake of considering the hours of sleep as time needed to recharge our batteries, we have often underestimated the importance of getting the right amount of rest. 

Dolmie revolutionises all this: its pillows have innovative design and features, and foster a different and long-lasting resting experience while solving pains caused by cervical and incorrect posture. With the memory foam dreamloops system, the pillow’s height and density can be easily adjusted to customise your pillow to your own specific needs.

Dolmie cushions for the whole family and every need

Each one of us is at a particular point in our lives, with our own rhythms and activities.

Most of us have been smart working for months, others have continued their daily journeys, moving from city to city, while the youngest have been living the most delicate moment of their age, in which having a correct posture is essential for the future. Each person needs to rest differently, and for this reason, Dolmie has studied and created different types of pillows, customisable and suitable for any need:

  • Domie D-Pillow: ergonomically shaped and ensuring dynamic comfort, this pillow’s dreamloops provide the right amount of cervical support
  • Dolmie D-Baby: to meet the needs of children and reduce the risk of suffocation. Ideal support for use in the cot or pram.
  • Dolmie D-Travel: designed for young, dynamic travellers who need to rest well and do so in the correct position.

Dolmie pillows are designed not only for customisation and the ability to eliminate problems such as cervical pain and poor posture but also to be long-lasting. Furthermore, Dolmie pillows are is antibacterial, anti-mite, and machine washable. A 100% Made in Italy pillow, now at 30% off. Let’s treat ourselves to a better 2021 and start afresh with Dolmie.

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