Dreamloops technology: sleep soundly with Dolmie

Our sleep experience is influenced by countless variables we often fail to consider. 

We often have difficulty getting sleeping properly and unfairly blame ourselves, our daily rhythms or our endless days between work, sport, and family commitments. The truth is that we have never been given the right tools to evaluate our sleep experience. 

Sometimes, even using the softest pillows, which do not offer good neck and shoulders support, results in muscles strain and gives us an annoying sense of tiredness.

But, what if everything changed with the use of a suitable pillow?

Is there really such a thing as the ideal pillow?

We are always searching for the perfect pillow, and every night it’s the same old story: soft pillow, firm pillow, high pillow, thin pillow… Which one should I choose?

In reality, there is no right answer since each person needs a pillow suited to their age, situation, and needs. That is why Dolmie relies on dreamloops technology – anyone can adapt their pillow to their own needs with our special memory foam micro-cylinder pillow padding which adapts to shoulders, back and neck, and guarantees maximum comfort and a unique sleeping experience.

Dolmie pillows are also perfect for those who suffer from neck problems or who have a robust build. 

Dreamloops Dolmie: how they change our sleeping experience

No more sleepless nights, Dolmie completely revolutionises our sleeping experience.

Now it is much easier to personalise your pillow. All you need to do is unzip your pillow and add or remove the desired amount of dreamloops. Dolmie pillows, which are made from memory foam sheets and manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, have six unique features:

  • Customisation
  • Freshness and permanent breathability
  • Compactness and flexibility
  • Machine washable
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Environmental sustainability

Dolmie offers a perfect product, not only for those who are looking for a satisfying daily rest but also for people facing long business trips. For this reason, Dolmie has created three different types of pillows, designed according to the age and needs of each person: Pillow, Baby, and Travel, hygienic, always clean, and suitable for every occasion.

The time to start a new journey to better and better nights is now!

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