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As faithful companions influencing sleep quality, pillows lovingly support our heads for about a third of our lives.

Experts tell us that optimal rest requires correct head, neck, and spine alignment. To achieve this, our choice of pillow is key as it allows for good breathing and muscles relaxation. 

Choosing the ideal pillow’s perfect consistency and height means considering physical characteristics such as build and height.

For example, sleeping on one’s back or stomach, on a pillow that is too flat, or no pillow at all would force the neck to accentuate its curvature as it attempts to compensate for the back’s curvature. Similarly, an excessively high pillow would force the spinal column and its supporting muscles into an unnatural position.

While we could imagine an ideal pillow for different sleeping positions, standard pillows will never fully satisfy our specific needs as they cannot simultaneously take our build into account.

However, with Dolmie pillows, the ideal pillow does exist! Dolmie pillows are completely customisable thanks to the latest generation of water-based memory foam cylinders that allow you to easily modify your pillow from soft and low, hard and high, and anything in between. Simply open the handy zip on the inner cover and remove or add the memory foam cylinders until you have achieved your very own, personal balance between firmness and height.

Dolmie is the perfect pillow for supine sleepers, heavily built sleepers, or those who move around in their sleep.

As anti-suffocation, anti-bacterial, anti-mite, anti-mildew, hypoallergenic and OEKO-TEX STANDARD certified, and machine washable, Dolmie pillows are also ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.

If you prefer a more shapely and elegant line, choose the Dolmie D-One pillow – one side is entirely made of micro-perforated weave that amplifies thermoregulation while the other is in fabric composed of breathable padded microcells. Ideal for those who suffer from neck problems.

Choose Dolmie Suite if you prefer a pillow design that enhances volumes and has a rounded profile to soften its shape. It has a central 3 cm high micro-perforated band and two sides of breathable fabric that favour internal air exchange and rapid dispersion of humidity and heat – ideal for dealing with nighttime perspiration.


Whether travelling for business or pleasure, resting comfortably is a must to avoid bus, train, or plane trips from turning into a nightmare.

Travellers without a proper travel pillow often wake up with a stiff neck or even worse.

Dolmie travel pillows are specifically designed for comfortable travelling. To choose the best one, we need to consider pillow size, weight, materials, and shape.

Compact, lightweight pillows, effortlessly fitting into your hand luggage, are a welcome addition to travelling enjoyment.

Thanks to new technologies, pillows made of synthetic materials, fleece, microfibre, and even memory foam are available on the market – inflatable, collar, or U-shaped. There is an infinite number of them.

The collar pillow provides excellent support for the neck, while the inflatable pillow ensures the best comfort.

However, none simultaneously consider the consistency and height as Dolmie D-travel pillows do, encapsulating comfort, quality, design, and practicality in a single product like the Dolmie pillows 

Only Dolmie pillows can be personalised thanks to their latest generation padding made of water-based memory foam cylinders that combat perspiration and facilitate air circulation, allowing the traveller to rest in a correct position in maximum comfort.

The Dolmie D-travel pillows are easy to transport and can be washed as often as you please, even in their convenient bag (sold separately). With every new trip your Dolmie D-travel will be clean and hygienic.

The Dolmie Travel First is the pillow for you if you travel a lot and need to rest well. With its rectangular shape and comfortable design, the Dolmie Travel First provides maximum comfort in any travel situation.

The Dolmie Travel Tube has been designed for travellers who need adequate neck support when travelling. Soft and flexible, it gives maximum comfort to your neck.

Knowing the characteristics of baby pillows is essential to allow new parents to make an informed choice.

To avoid the risk of suffocation or, in the worst cases, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), there are a number of steps parents can take, including making sure that the baby sleeps on its back, that it is not excessively covered, and that the pillow is neither too high nor too soft.

Dolimie baby pillows are designed to respect and support babies’ unique physical characteristics, which is differ from those of adults, and to guarantee peaceful and safe sleeping.

The ideal pillow for children aged 0 to 3 years should therefore be:

The ideal pillow for children aged 0 to 3 years should therefore be:

  • very thin, with a height that does not force the child into an unnatural position during naps;
  • anti-suffocation, to favour the supine position and allow the maximum possible air circulation;
  • made of memory foam, to naturally support the baby’s head and evenly distribute pressure on the skull. In this way, it is also possible to prevent plagiocephaly, i.e., skull bone deformation during sleep.

The market offers numerous types of baby pillows, almost all of which are anti-suffocation, some are specific for plagiocephaly, and others anti-reflux. For use in the cradle, the cot, and also the pram, it is advisable to read the manufacturers’ washing instructions carefully. While the pillowcase of all pillows for babies can be washed in the washing machine with a delicate program at 30°, the same cannot be said for memory foam.

This is why Dolmie® has created a line dedicated to the all-round rest of the child. Thanks to the revolutionary filling system of memory foam dreamloops, Dolmie® Baby Boy and Dolmie® Baby Girl can be customised in height and are 100% hygienic: in addition to the pillowcase and the inner cover, it is also possible to machine wash the padding, obtaining a good as new pillow every time it is needed.

100% Made in Italy, D-Baby pillows are perspiration-proof and hypoallergenic, and, by simply adding or removing dreamloops from the filling, ideal for your child from birth to age 3.

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