Why You Should Be Working With This Repair Double Glazed Windows

How to Repair Double Glazed Windows

There are several tell-tale indicators that indicate that your double-glazed windows require repair. Water ingress and draughts are clear indications of damage to the frames of the windows. They must be fixed as soon as is possible.

However, misting can also be an indication that your window seals require replacement. Replacing the window seals will solve the problem, and will stop leaks, draughts, or condensation.

Broken Panes

Broken glass is one of the most frequent problems that double glazing unit-glazed windows face. Double-pane windows are more difficult to break than single panes, but accidents can happen. You will want to repair the damaged glass as quickly as you can.

Get rid of any glass fragments that might remain in the frame. Wear eye protection and gloves when you remove the glass because it is extremely sharp. Once the shards are removed, check the floor of your home for other pieces that are loose. It’s also an excellent idea to remove any hooks made of metal that hold the panes together.

After the glass has been removed, you will need to remove the old glazing compound (small fasteners that fix the glass into the frame of the window), and replace them with new ones. It is a long-winded procedure and requires some tools to accomplish the task. You will need latex glazing putty and metal glazing points, pliers, heat gun and a putty blade.

When removing the old glazing compound and points it is recommended to begin at the top of the sash, and move down. This will help you avoid getting any of the sash’s paint or wood stuck to the tool. If you have to take off some of the wood from the sash employ an utility knife or Chisel instead of chemical strippers, which can cause damage.

When you’re done make sure you scrub any wood that’s not finished to smooth it. Once the wood is smooth you can seal it with clear or linseed wood sealer. This will protect it against water and future damage.

There are a few easy fixes that you can try for a cracked double-pane window, but these methods will not repair the crack and should be used only as a temporary measure. The use of a silicone caulk may aid in sealing the gap, but it’s important to ensure that you use a top-quality caulk and Repair Double Glazed Windows adhere to the correct application techniques.


If you notice any moisture or mist between the panes of glass that you have double glazing it is a sign that your window seal isn’t working. This can be a serious issue as it stops the insulating gas or air from being trapped between two panes.

A double glazing specialist can easily repair this problem. Your window repair professional will take off the window sash as well as the IGU (insulating unit) to address the issue. Then, a new gasket will be blown into to create an airtight seal and prevent condensation from happening again. They will also employ drying agents to help the area dry out and prevent the condensation from happening again.

You may also notice mist between glass panes in double-glazed windows, if the frame has changed position over time. This will crack the seal. This can be a huge issue as your windows won’t function effectively and lose energy efficiency.

It is possible to replace double-glazed window’s glass, however, this can be costly and is typically only needed in the event that the window is beyond repair. If you’ve noticed an issue with your double-glazed windows and are still within the warranty period it could be possible to have repaired for free or at least at a reduced cost.

It’s a good idea to check the terms of your warranty before you contact the company to see whether they are able to solve the problem without having to replace the entire window. double glazed windows repairs glazed windows are typically covered by guarantees of between 10 to 20 years, which means you might find they can repair the defective window units instead of replacing them completely. If this is the case they’ll likely send out a specialist to fix your double-glazed windows. They’re able to complete the task quickly. This is a much cheaper option than buying and installing brand new double glazed windows and it’s also better for the environment!

Broken Locks & Handles

When your window handle is broken or difficult to open, it could be a huge issue as it hinders you from using your windows. This also gives burglars the opportunity to break into your house. There are a variety of ways to fix it but the best option is to speak with a uPVC expert. They will be able to fix the issue for you, or at least offer you a new handle.

There are a number of different kinds of window locks, but the most well-known is the Maco or double.Glazing Mila lock that can be found on the majority of uPVC frames. These locks utilize bayonet-style rods for locking and are able to easily seize up. If this happens, the handle’s nose is stuck in the out position and won’t be able to return to the locked position wedged. This can be a frustrating problem, but can be fixed by following a few simple steps.

To resolve the issue you must first remove the handle. This should be done with the aid of a screwdriver. Once the handle is removed, you’ll be aware of the screws that secure the lock to the frame. After the screws have been removed, you can try to grab the bolts with an awl or a pair of pliers. If this fails, you can insert the tool between the frame and Repair Double Glazed Windows the window (the gap may differ at each end of the windows) and then make an “u” shape with your hand to grab the bolts.

You can close your window by adjusting the handle to the closed position if capable of removing the shoot bolts. The gearbox (espag or espagnolette.) is probably faulty and will not open when you pull the handle. It is possible to refit the gearbox without the shoot bolts, so the window can be opened using the handle (and is still secure) however, you’ll need to order a new handle and gearbox.

Broken Hinges

It is possible to replace or repair your uPVC windows hinges if they’re not operating properly. Whether this is due to them being opened by too much force, the hinge snapping or dropping or if they were defective at the beginning, it can cause problems that make using your window difficult. Thankfully, replacing the hinge is simple and quick, so there’s no need to buy windows from scratch and you can have the old ones repaired instead.

First, you’ll need to remove the hinges currently installed. To do this, loosen the screws that secure the frame to the hinges. After the hinges are removed, you can replace the boards with plywood that has been cut to the proper size. Make sure that the plywood is larger than the original one so that it can withstand the weight of the window both shut and open. You’ll also want to use wood filler to ensure that the hole that was left by the hinge is filled completely and will not leak or break in the future.

After you’ve filled holes and replaced the hinges, you will have to paint the doors. Use a quality paint to ensure that it lasts as long as is possible. After the paint has dried, you can attach the window again. Make sure you tighten any loose screws.

Regular maintenance is also important for window hinges. Cleaning the friction stay track and lubricating hinge mechanisms will make them last longer. You can also apply a wood preservative to protect them from the elements, which will help to keep them from rust and maintain their appearance for as long as you can.

A double-glazed window can help you save money on heating, because it’s more energy efficient than a single-glazed window. However, like any other component of your home, your windows will show wear and tear and might need repairing or replacing as time passes. Our Preston experts can help you if you notice any indications that your double-glazed windows aren’t functioning correctly.

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