Why Double Glazing Window Repairs Is Right For You

Double Glazing Window Repairs

You can save money on heating costs by having your double glazing replacement glass-glazed windows fixed. Professionals will use the right tools and know precisely how to complete the task.

They can also provide advice on the most efficient energy-saving technologies available. Certain double-glazing windows come with warranties of 10 or even 20 years. Some offer lifetime warranties.

Broken Panes

Double-glazing cracks are not just ugly, they also act as a barrier for heat and cold to enter or leave your home. The good news is, most damaged panes can be repaired without replacing the entire window. To stop the crack from spreading, you can tape the area with packing or masking tape. Spread the tape over the edges of the glass on both sides. You can also cover the area with plastic, like a tarp, garbage bag or a tarp, to keep out bugs, rain and other animals.

Then, take the glass pane from its frame using an utility knife and a pair gloves. Try to get the glass out in one go instead of breaking it into small pieces. It’s also important to be cautious, as any shattered pieces could fall and break more. Finally, it’s essential to recycle old glass in a proper manner.

Once the old window has been removed, you’ll need to determine the opening for the new window. Be sure to take your measurements with care and keep in mind that wood expands and contracts with time. It is generally recommended to subtract 1/16 to 1/8 inch each way from the measurement to ensure the new pane fits snugly. Buy enough glaziers’ pointing or clips to cover every 6 inches along the length of the pane.

A professional will drill a series of holes through the window to expel any moisture. Then, they apply a special liquid sealant to the gap. This creates an impermeable layer that will keep your home dry and warm. The process can take from one to three days, and it’s crucial to let the sealant completely dry before moving on.

While some double glaze window repair-paned windows may be repaired using this method, it is generally recommended to replace the window whenever you are experiencing condensation, draughts, or other issues that cannot be resolved by tapping or drilling. It’s also not a good idea for beginners to attempt the job themselves, as special tools are required to complete the repair properly.


Condensation is a common problem that often occurs when there’s a change in room temperature or humidity. It causes water droplets to form on cold surfaces. They can become trapped between double glazing if the seal fails. The good news is that it’s usually not a big deal, and there are some options to try before calling in professional window repair specialists.

Use a hairdryer at low heat and an appropriate distance to evaporate any moisture that’s trapped between your windows. This is a temporary solution, but does not stop condensation from recurring in the event that the cause of the problem is addressed. The best way to fix the problem permanent is to ensure that your home is equipped with adequate ventilation and that humidity levels are in balance. This can save you money on energy bills and help to reduce the chance of mould and damp developing around your windows.

A defogger can be another method to combat condensation. This is a small hole that’s drilled into the inside of the double glazing. the cleaning solution is sprayed in, which removes any moisture from the air. This is only a temporary fix and won’t guarantee the elimination of condensation over the long run however it could be an affordable option until you can have your window fixed professionally.

Visible condensation can be a sign that the sealant in between the double paned windows has failed. It is essential to contact your double-glazing company immediately if you notice this and get any issues documented. This will make it easier if you need to make use of your warranty in the future.

It’s also worth oiling any mechanisms, hinges or handles on your double glazing to see if this can help. You could also try using a dry, clean cloth to wipe off any haze that could be present, but keep in mind that this won’t solve the underlying issue which is the lack of a clean and dry space between your windows. If you are unable to resolve the issue, it could be necessary to replace your window.


Nothing is more unpleasant than a cold breeze coming through your double-glazed. It could make your entire home feel chilly, even if the rest of your home is warm. The good news is that most draughts can be easy to fix and can save you lots of money on your energy bills.

A draught is usually caused by gaps around doors and windows. These are usually caused by poor fitting or loose plaster around frames, rotting wood or even paintwork that is loose. Draught proofing is among the most cost-effective methods to reduce your energy bills. It keeps warm air from leaving your home during winter and cold, cold air from entering your home during summer.

The installation of draught-proofing strip is the best method to stop drafts. These strips are available in various materials, including brush, foam, or rubber. They can be put around the sides or bottom of a door. You can also get draughtproofing for sash and casement windows. You can also add brushes to sliding windows and rubber strips to casement windows.

You can also put a draught-excluder in the gap between your floorboards. This will stop warm air rising and causing a draft. This is only effective in the event that your floorboards aren’t carpeted. You can also put an air vent cover to an open flame even if it’s not being used and seal the gaps between sinks, around extractor fans, in chimneys and in any other unused vents in your home.

Double glazing that has been misted is a regular issue. It can be easily solved by constructing a brand new seal. Many double glazing window replacement glazing companies offer the option of drilling misted glass units and install a plug, but this is usually a temporary solution. Contact the company that installed and sold your double glazing to request that they repair the glass unit. It might cost a little more however it is less expensive than replacing the entire window.


Mist is the result of condensation between the panes of a double-glazed window. The sealant that holds the glass together prevents moisture from exiting. However, it can be damaged or worn away by an accident or weathering. It is essential to fix this issue as soon as you can, as it can cause a range of issues for homeowners, ranging from damp and mould to excessive energy bills.

There is a simple and quick way to fix the issue without replacing the entire window. Making a few tiny holes in the window allows you to put in a desiccant pack that will absorb any condensation. This will eliminate the issue and leave your windows sparkling clean.

There are companies that can drill holes into your double-glazed units for replacement double Glazing windows you. However, this option will be costly and requires a degree of proficiency and expertise to successfully complete.

In certain situations, it could be required that the window be replaced when it has suffered serious damage like severe rot or cracks. This is especially relevant if you plan to upgrade to Low E A-rated glass to improve insulation and cut down on heating costs.

It is advisable to get in touch with the company that installed your double glazing and ask for help. If the unit is covered by warranty, they may be able repair it or offer you an opportunity to purchase a Replacement Double Glazing windows at a discounted price. For general maintenance and care of your double glazed windows, it’s worth regularly checking the mechanisms, hinges, handles, and any areas where the windows or doors enter the frame for signs of wear and tear. Keep your double glazing in good condition to avoid condensation or moisture between the panes. If you have trouble opening or closing your windows, you can lubricate the hinges and mechanisms by applying some oil or grease.

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