It’s The Complete List Of Ghost Immobiliser London Dos And Don’ts

Ghost 11 Immobiliser

With car theft on the rise and increasing, you require an effective security system that can safeguard your car’s pride and joy. With the ghost 11 immobiliser, you’ll be able to rest in mind that your car will be protected against key cloning hacking and keyless access.

The device works discreetly with no LED indicators, which makes it inaccessible to thieves. Its TASSA approval means that your insurance company will recognize it as well.

TASSA Approved

The Autowatch ghost 2 immobiliser review Immobiliser is a hidden device which operates in the background and protects your vehicle against key theft, hacking and cloning. It does this by communicating with the vehicle’s ECU over its data bus, which prevents detection from common indicators used by thieves and scanners that scan RF.

The device connects to the existing CAN data network in your vehicle and prevents the engine from starting it from starting until a specific sequence of buttons are pressed. You can choose from an already-programmed set of numbers or, if you’d prefer to add another layer of security, you can make use of a mobile application to generate the code. If you’re away from your vehicle for a prolonged period, you can disable the system by using the application. This will stop anyone else from driving the vehicle without your knowledge.

Installed discreetly, it is impossible for a burglar to take away. The CAN Bus immobiliser is extremely tiny and can be concealed behind the steering wheel and door panels as well as the centre console so it is practically unnoticeable. It is designed to be virtually invisible, and there are no ‘telltale’ relay clicks that can reveal that it has been installed.

The Ghost is extremely difficult to bypass using a new ECU or key. The CAN Bus immobiliser is extremely discreet and there are no LEDs or transponders to give away the fact that it’s been put in place and is particularly helpful if you have expensive or rare vehicles.

The Autowatch Ghost is a great immobiliser for expensive or rare vehicles. The Autowatch Ghost will help to stop potential thefts and is a great choice for those who are replacing their vehicle, or have to wait for a long time to get an alternative.

CAN Bus Immobiliser

We are able to supply the latest generation of CAN bus immobilisers which are TASSA approved and fully insured, designed to guard your vehicle from high-tech thieves. These new devices are more effective than the previous immobilisers that are re-programmable as they feature dual immobilisation, digital and analog, making it impossible for high technology thieves to use relays key cloning, key cloning or signal jamming to steal your car in minutes.

This innovative and unique CAN Bus system is set up by experts and utilizes the existing buttons on your car to create a unique, customizable PIN button sequence that must be entered prior to the car’s start. It is quiet unlike trackers and alarms that may alert thieves to its presence.

To operate the device a thief will break into the vehicle wiring for the red data network CAN which is where ECUs communicate with one another (shown above in yellow). They will then use an electronic device that can inject fake messages into the CAN bus, essentially the messages say “key valid”, and the engine control units will recognize these and allow your car to start.

The Ghost will not be able to accept this and will stop the vehicle from getting started. The driver then has to enter a unique and changeable PIN before the vehicle starts. This can be accomplished using the buttons on your car (4-21 presses) or an application for mobile phones, Bluetooth tag or your own smartwatch.

This system is far more sophisticated than the less expensive Ghost/Starline i96s that are available on the market, and they only feature a digital engine blocker. They can also be programmed using aftermarket key fobs. This is a next generation of security that will protect your vehicle from modern and high tech key cloning techniques employed by criminals who are shady in garages and car parks around the UK.

No Key Fobs or LED Signs

Ghost is a subtle device that doesn’t use LED indicators to give away its presence. This means it’s undetectable to a car thief. This makes it a fantastic option for vehicles that have an increased risk of theft such as classic cars and modern luxurious vehicles. The absence of visible signs indicates ghost is an effective deterrent for thieves because it does not permit the engine to start. This can happen even if a wrong key is used, or the vehicle’s keyfob batteries are low.

It is also very easy to install and can be done by one of our experienced technicians. There is no need for additional wiring since the system connects directly to your CAN bus data which is located in the control unit of your car. This means that there is no requirement for any additional immobiliser relays. This is a crucial aspect as if there is any immobiliser relays in place, the device could be tampered with and removed.

After the ghost immobiliser has been installed it will prevent your vehicle from being cloned or hacked. It will not just stop the vehicle from starting, but it will assist you in locating it. This can be done without changing the wiring in your vehicle. Ghost works by using the buttons on your vehicle to create an unique, reversible PIN code sequence. This is then entered using a mobile app that you can download to your phone. It takes 20 presses on the buttons of your car to guess the PIN.

This technology is so advanced, that it is unable to be defeated by any modern auto thief. It is a simple system that protects your vehicle against cloning or hacking. It’s easy to install in modern vehicles and is an excellent choice for those who own rare or expensive cars.

The Autowatch Ghost anti key clone immobiliser and hacking device is a tiny weatherproof device that can be concealed in your vehicle without the need for additional wiring. It uses the buttons on your car to send information, and is programmed to only allow you to access the ghost immobiliser. This also has a valet mode, which can be used for servicing and handing over your vehicle for valet parking, without divulging the PIN code to people who you may not trust.

Easy Installation

It is important to keep your joy and pride with you. With vehicles being stolen across the country, and people waiting for a replacement vehicle or to purchase a new one it is essential to keep your joy and pride with you. Thieves typically take aim at vehicles that are highly sought-after or have components that can be taken. Ghost immobilisers aren’t visible to thieves, but they can be bypassed or removed.

These devices are able to communicate with the engine control unit of your vehicle through the CAN data loop, therefore they aren’t detected by thieves who use the standard OBD port or diagnostics. They also prevent key cloning and hacking. This makes them ideal to safeguard your valuable or expensive vehicles.

It’s easy to install the ghost immobiliser since it’s a small, weatherproof device that fits inside your vehicle. It is difficult to locate since it does not have any keys or LED indicators. You can be certain that an aspiring thief will not be able see it. You can disable the system by using your mobile phone. This means that only you will be able to start your car.

You can choose between 20 different button presses. This allows you to create a unique sequence that can be recognized only by you. This is like the PIN code you use for your credit card or bank account, and will ensure that only you are able to leave your vehicle. It is easy to lock your car when you want to leave it using the same buttons.

Autowatch ghost is also distinguished by the fact that it has been verified by TASSA and tested by third party experts for maximum reliability. It also comes with a vehicle identification system that is linked to the International Security Register, which will notify authorities in the event that your car stolen with ghost immobiliser is stolen. This extra layer of protection is just one of the many reasons why so many people are choosing the ghost immobiliser.

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