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Ghost Immobiliser Installation Near Me

Car theft is on the rise with thieves employing advanced technology to take your joy and pride. You should have an additional layer of security to stop them from taking your car.

The Ghost is the first aftermarket CAN-bus immobiliser sold in the world. It protects your vehicle from key cloning or hacking, and even theft. It works by connecting to your car’s CAN data network and programming a unique personalised pin code.

There are no key fobs, indicators or key fobs.

Ghost devices, in contrast to normal immobilisers, also safeguard your vehicle through blocking RF scanning. The ghost immobiliser tracker immobiliser will stop thieves from stealing your vehicle even the thieves find it and use the stolen key.

ghost immobiliser fitter [prev] immobilisers work better than traditional antitheft devices such as steering wheel locks or car clamps due to the fact that they are incorporated into your vehicle’s wiring and do not emit radio signals. This means that they are nearly impossible to locate and can’t be bypassed or hacked. In fact, most thieves are left wondering what’s wrong with your car and will choose to leave it alone rather than risk being caught by a police patrol or risking their own lives to try and start it.

The Ghost Immobiliser, as well as being virtually invisible, is also extremely secure. It is integrated into your car’s data network, CAN and uses the buttons already installed to create an individual code sequence to start your car. The process could take as many as 21 button presses. This makes it almost impossible for criminals and thieves to break the code. You can also modify the PIN Code configuration of your ghost device after it’s been installed if you’re worried that someone could attempt to steal your car.

As well as protecting your vehicle from theft A ghost immobiliser can also save you money on your insurance premium. Ghost Immobilisers are now required by a lot of insurers as they are a established method of reducing the chance of your car being stolen.

In addition to being TASSA certified In addition, the Ghost Immobiliser is compatible with virtually any vehicle, which includes motorhomes, caravans, commercial vehicles and ride-on lawn mowers. If you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective method of increasing your vehicle’s security, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

No Damage to Your Car

The Autowatch Ghost is a next-generation immobiliser that protects your vehicle against key hacking and cloning. It works by connecting to the vehicle’s CAN data network which means that thieves will need to physically lift the vehicle onto a flatbed lorry to take it away. This isn’t an option for the majority of car thieves as they typically want to be in and out of the vehicle in less than a minute.

Ghost immobilisers are nearly impossible to hack or bypass. They work independently from the alarm system that you installed in your home or tracker. It is the only non-detectable vehicle immobiliser which uses an data connection to CAN. It’s also not connected to any key fobs that are aftermarket or LED indicators, which means there are no visible signs that it has been installed in your vehicle.

If you park your car, the Ghost will automatically deactivate to allow you to give your car to valet parking or service without the need to give someone your keys or fob. When you’re ready to drive your vehicle once more, enter your unique PIN code into the app. This will protect your vehicle from being stolen by a burglar or cloned by a hacker, and can only be accessed by you.

It won’t just stop your vehicle being stolen, it will also notify your smartphone if it is being moved. This will enable you to quickly return your vehicle and keep it from being damaged. It also lets you to manage who is using your vehicle, since you can assign permissions to a particular user.

Ghost immobilisers can be installed on a range of vehicles. This is not just motorhomes, but also cars vans, bikes, riding lawnmowers and plant machinery too. This is due to the technology behind it that allows it to work with any engine, including electric vehicles.

It is possible to use it with any vehicle because Ghost connects to the CAN network. This is why it’s so loved by customers and is among the most recommended immobilisers by locksmiths for automotive use.

No Subscriptions to Pay

The Autowatch Ghost II immobiliser is an electronic device that can be discretely fitted in your vehicle. It is a Tassa Approved Device that protects your vehicle from key theft as well as cloning theft, relay theft, and hacking. It also helps to protect your vehicle from the danger of being stolen and towing away.

It operates by using your vehicle’s buttons that are already present, like the ones on the steering wheel or centre console to generate a password that is encrypted. The password is then entered into the immobiliser to stop the engine from starting. You can then control the device with an app on your phone. You can disable your immobiliser or activate a PIN bypass. You can get your vehicle to drive and start temporarily if you want to give the car to valet service, or if the vehicle is being transported by a flatbed truck.

This next-generation device is virtually unnoticeable, and does not communicate via radio frequency signals, as many immobilisers do. This means that thieves cannot use signal jamming devices and code grabbing technology to see the security device installed in your vehicle. This is a vital feature, because modern-day thefts are all about getting in and out quickly.

Ghost is a simple and quickly installed easily and quickly. You only need an understanding of how your car works and how to make use of the smartphone. A certified installer will install your unit and provide you with the necessary manuals to operate it. Installation takes less than an hour and your vehicle does not need to be disconnected from the battery or any other electrical wiring.

The process of installing the device is simple and quick and the technician will input your PIN and address any questions you may have. The device is also simple to use. It does not have any flashes or indicators, which means it can be hidden on the dashboard of your vehicle. This makes it very difficult for thieves to locate. It doesn’t make any noise or clicks, which means there’s no way to hear it or determine if your vehicle is protected by the device.

TASSA Verified

Ghost is a new generation immobiliser that makes use of the vehicle’s CAN data network to create a personalised PIN code. It’s compatible with a wide range of vehicles, and the device can be installed without causing damage to the wires in your vehicle. It is also a completely invisble and undetectable device that shields your vehicle from key cloning and hacking.

The ghost device will generate an code sequence each time you drive your vehicle. This code sequence must be entered to begin the engine. This sequence of codes is unique to the owner and is able to be changed at any time. The device can detect that the vehicle was in use and prevents it from starting up again. This will prevent your vehicle from being stolen since thieves aren’t able to alter the immobiliser.

The device is able recognise that the engine has been turned off and will shut down components such as the starter motor and fuel system. This will stop the engine from starting and also disable any warning light that is normally be lit when the alarm for your vehicle is activated. This is a secure measure that will not only prevent your car being stolen, but also minimize the chance of damage to your vehicle.

It’s a simple process to set up your car to be safely driven. All you have to do is follow a sequence of steps in the application. You can also set up the “service mode,” which allows your vehicle to be driven without you needing to provide the PIN code from valets or technicians. The system will automatically return to normal security settings once you leave.

Installing your Ghost TASSA-verified by a certified professional will ensure that it operates properly and protect you from any fraudulent activity. TASSA verification requires all installers and technicians to meet certain minimum standards and undergo a criminal background screening (CRB). Car Theft Solutions is a TASSA accredited business that can offer you peace-of-mind that your vehicle is secured.

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