Dreamloops: the secret ingredient for quality rest

The special soft and compact memory foam micro cylinders adapt to the shoulders,
back and neck, ensuring maximum comfort and a unique rest experience

Dreamloops: sleep in a sustainable way

Dreamloops are Dolmie’s true innovation. Obtained from the processing of memory foam sheets, in full respect of the environment, sanitized and made reinsertable in a new production cycle, dreamloops are used as padding for pillows. The use of micro memory foam cylinders, instead of a single whole piece, allows the pillow to be customizable, washable and to return to its original shape after each use, without ever losing its compactness, its flexibility, always ensuring freshness and perspiration during the resting phase.


Production System that respects the Environment.
Patented to Customize Your Own Comfort.


Thanks to the Dreamloops technology you can customize the height
of your pillow by adding or removing dreamloops

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