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How to Fit a Ghost Immobiliser

Are you seeking a way to prevent your car from being stolen? A ghost immobiliser can be an ideal solution. These devices work silently and are extremely difficult to detect.

They aren’t detected by radio signals, diagnostics or diagnostics. They communicate with the ECU through the data loop in the CAN. This makes them impossible for thieves to bypass using key relay technology or the process of cloning.

The Ghost Immobiliser was approved by TASSA to be used for insurance purposes.

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is a verified TASSA system that helps to protect your vehicle from theft. It works by connecting to the CAN network and then entering a unique PIN code with buttons from the factory on your dashboard or steering wheel. It stops the engine from starting until the correct code is entered. It also disables components like the fuel pump as well as the starter motor, to ensure that thieves cannot take your vehicle.

A TASSA-verified Ghost immobiliser is a cost-effective method to protect your vehicle. It also helps protect against signal relay attacks, which are typical methods used by thieves to take cars. It can also reduce insurance costs by up to 20 percent. It is not just secure against hackers, but it is also discreet and cannot be detected by thefts that could occur. It is compatible with a wide range of vehicles and makes it an ideal choice for Birmingham drivers who want to secure their vehicles.

It is easy to install, and it does not require cutting wires or adding new key fobs. Instead, it connects to your vehicle’s data network and transmits inputs to the ECU. This makes it impossible to replace the ECU or to add new key fobs. In addition the Ghost does not emit any radio signals or use diagnostics, making it unnoticeable to criminals using scanners.

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is the most advanced immobiliser available. It can prevent vehicle theft. It’s a highly efficient system that works by sending an encrypted signal to the ECU, preventing the vehicle from starting in the event that the correct PIN is not entered. It is fully programmable so you can alter your PIN at any time you wish. It also comes with an Anti-Hijack mode to stop cloning devices and jamming signals.

You can also connect the Ghost to an auto tracker to protect your vehicle against theft and other crimes. The tracking system will reveal the location of your vehicle in real-time, and allow you to report any suspicious activity to the police. The tracker can also be useful to locate your vehicle if it was stolen or vandalized.

It’s simple to fit

Contrary to a standard factory fitted immobiliser which relies on an electronic chip embedded into your key fob, a ghost system is capable of communicating directly with your vehicle’s ECU. By using the CAN data circuit it’s completely undetectable with hi-tech diagnostic tools and doesn’t require radio signals. It shuts down the starter motor or fuel system, preventing your vehicle from starting.

This will also stop the ECU accepting any new codes entered through the OBD port. This will prevent thieves from stealing the ECU or acquiring new key fobs to take your joy and pride.

It is also impossible to break or get around the Ghost system since there are no wires visible or physical anti-theft equipment. This is the reason why it’s an efficient method to keep your car secure and safe.

The Autowatch ghost 2 immobiliser reviews system is connected up to the CAN system in your car and programmed with a specific PIN code push sequence that has to be entered before the J can be driven. The system is undetectable to thieves with high-tech equipment and there are no LED indicators It’s quiet and works by using the buttons in your car such as the ones on your steering wheel, door panel or central console.

Before you leave when you leave, a member from the Tassa Registered ghost Installations team will run a full demonstration of your system. You will also receive an Owner’s Guide, Emergency Card, two Autowatch window stickers, and an Installation Certificate that comes with a Security Guarantee. The system is able to be deactivated to allow valet parking and servicing, then quickly activated when the vehicle is located.

It requires low maintenance.

The Ghost Immobiliser is able to be fitted in various vehicles. It doesn’t require the installation of additional sensors or key fobs, which means it’s much easier to set up than a traditional alarm or tracker.

It’s also lower maintenance than a tracker, since it does not transmit RF signals or pulses like a typical GPS device does. This means that thieves aren’t able to employ code grabbing or RF scanning technology to locate the Ghost Immobiliser. The system is based on the CAN network, so it is not able to be altered by ordinary tools. It can only be disarmed using the correct PIN code.

A thief will need to know the unique sequence of disarming of your Ghost immobiliser in order to drive your vehicle away. This is a series of buttons that are pressed on the steering, door panels or the console. This makes it very difficult for them to guess the exact button you press, and prevents the vehicle from starting.

The Ghost Immobiliser also uses a smart phonetag’ that’s attached to your keys. It communicates via Bluetooth with the base unit of your car. The tag can be programmed to disable at any time by the user and is activated via an app on your smartphone when you are within range of your vehicle. You can also activate it by calling the app and locating your vehicle. The phone app will then display your personalized vehicle identification number on the screen which assists in protecting your car against theft.

The Ghost immobiliser can also be an excellent option for those who regularly hand over their vehicles for valet parking and maintenance. Our team of installers will show you how the system operates. They will also provide you with a Ghost emergency card, a user’s manual, and insurance certificates.

The Ghost immobiliser can also be transferred to another vehicle in the event that your vehicle is changed in ownership, provided it is compatible with the Ghost System. This is a convenient feature that will give you peace of mind if you decide to sell your vehicle.

It’s extremely difficult to spot

A Ghost Immobiliser prevents thieves from starting your car by requiring a unique PIN code sequence that only you are aware of. This means that they will be unable to drive away with your pride and joy and will instead have to physically take it away. It could also be used in conjunction with a car tracker in order to locate your vehicle. The device is hidden inside the vehicle and doesn’t emit any signals or LED indicators, so it is inaccessible to thieves. It is discreet and does not need any additional wiring, which means it can be put in place without causing damage to your vehicle.

The device is hidden inside the vehicle, and runs on the CAN data circuit onboard. It communicates directly with the ECU of the vehicle, and doesn’t require additional sensors or key-fobs in order to function. It is able to stop the criminal from gaining access to the system by adding the key to a new one or replacing the ECU because the system won’t allow your vehicle to start without entering the correct pin code.

This device has been developed by Autowatch, a South African company at the forefront of technology. This product is an illustration of how they’re leading the way in creating the latest security products. This system protects against the modern smart key technology and contactless technology including cloning, hacking and even key theft.

It’s able to accomplish this due to it communicating with the ECU via the vehicle’s data bus. This makes it difficult to detect by RF scanning or code grabbing devices used by thieves who are high-tech because the device is a quiet operation that doesn’t send any signals. It also uses the buttons in your vehicle to enter a PIN code, so it isn’t as susceptible to being hacked as traditional immobiliser relays.

This will increase the security of your vehicle and give you peace of mind while driving. It’s a small price to help you avoid the heartache that comes with losing your love and pride stolen. Contact us today to see how we can help protect your car with our TASSA certified Ghost immobiliser.

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