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Protect Your Vehicle With the Autowatch Ghost 2 Immobiliser

Created to be discrete, invisible and effective the autowatch ghost 2 immobiliser protects your vehicle from key cloning, theft and car hacking. The device is hidden within your vehicles CAN data network, meaning thieves cannot take it off or disarm it by simply cutting wires.

Instead, the device uses your existing buttons on your steering wheel and on the centre console to generate an exclusive pin code that can only be entered by you to allow your vehicle to start.

It’s low-maintenance

It’s natural for people to want to secure their cars with the most recent technology as car care is a priority in their lives. Installing a ghost-immobiliser can help prevent theft.

Ghost immobilisers are an anti-theft device that works by shutting off the ignition of your vehicle and preventing the engine from running. It works by utilizing an individual PIN code that only you will know. This ensures that no criminal could use a key copied from another or hack the system to gain access to your vehicle.

It’s also difficult to track since it’s small and hidden within your vehicle’s wiring and wiring, making it virtually impossible for thieves to track. It’s also quiet and does not emit any radio frequency signal, making it a great option for those who worry about their vehicle being stolen.

This CAN Immobiliser is easy to install and has two deactivation options that are: Valet/Service and Transport. When you select Valet mode the system can be set to allow your car to operate within certain parameters, such as 30mph speed limit without revealing your pin number to the people who service your car.

If you’re ready for driving your vehicle again You can deactivate the system by entering a specific pin code sequence with your car’s buttons that we program. You can also enter the app to disable the system, making it more secure.

The Autowatch Ghost is Tassa Verified product that is recognised by insurance companies, which is important for those worried about their car being stolen. It’s also a great choice for those who don’t want be bothered with having an expensive fob or complicated device.

Contact us at MPH to arrange an appointment for installation If you’re thinking of this security option. Our team member will explain to you how the Ghost 2 immobiliser functions on your vehicle. They will also give you the Ghost 2 emergency card, an bmw ghost immobiliser (click here for more info) 2 installation certificate and owner’s manuals. They’ll make sure that you’re completely satisfied before you leave.

It’s simple to install

An innovative immobiliser that functions independently of any factory-fitted alarm tracker. It is activated by a Bluetooth tag that is worn on your body. It does not have any external buttons or wires to cut, and is incredibly difficult to hack or bypass. It is also unrecognizable by the high-tech diagnostic tools professional thieves use, since it does not emit radio frequency signals.

The Ghost II CAN Immobiliser is tiny, weatherproof device that’s fully installed and wrapped inside the vehicle harness. It’s a totally hidden discrete, hidden and discreet solution that is able to be disabled only in a special “Service Mode” which allows you to temporarily start your car for valet parking or service without having to enter your code. It’s a fantastic option for anyone who uses their vehicle for business and wants to hand over the keys for valet service or transport.

Once the ghost 11 immobiliser has been connected to Jaguar’s CAN bus system, it is programmed to protect your Jaguar by entering a unique code sequence that you set. The vehicle won’t begin until the correct sequence is entered. Even in service mode the engine won’t start unless you enter the correct code.

Contrary to other immobilisers which rely on LED indications or key fobs to protect the car from theft, Ghost utilizes buttons already on your steering wheel, door panels, and the centre console to allow you to set an exclusive disarm sequence (like PIN codes) that must be entered before the car can begin. The sequence of disarming can be adjusted to allow up to 20 inputs, which makes it more secure than an immobiliser fitted by the factory.

This new generation of stealth immobilisers works completely independent of any factory-installed alarm or tracker and is the most advanced technology to protect vehicles from hacking key cloning and theft. Ghost is directly connected to the car’s data bus CAN system, preventing it from being started without the correct sequence of keys being entered first. Modern diagnostic tools for car diagnostics can’t detect or disable Ghost. It can also be used to stop the functioning of other security systems, like jamming and spoofing devices.

It’s not easily identifiable.

Autowatch ghost 2 immobiliser near me 2 is a discreet immobiliser that is unrecognisable by thieves because it does not use LED indications or key fobs to operate. It instead connects to the vehicle’s CAN data network and operates using existing buttons on the central console, the steering wheel or doors. It has no visible impact on your vehicle and is only activated when you enter a specific disarm sequence through the application or Bluetooth tag (sold separately). Jamming & spoofing devices that are often used by thieves to steal the codes from your original remote key fob have no effect with this new device.

The system is completely customizable and can be programmed to require up to 20 presses of the selected buttons before your car will start. It is also able to be put into service or valet mode, meaning that it will not show the pin code when the engine is on or off.

This is an excellent option for those who worry about their pride and joy being stolen. Many people consider their vehicle as a significant part of their lifestyle and want to make sure it is safe. This is particularly crucial if they live in an area with high crime rates. Additionally, a good security system can help reduce your insurance costs.

It is crucial to invest in an effective security system, since there are many factors to take into consideration. There are numerous options on the market including low-maintenance and low-cost immobilisers. Some come with a 3-year warranty which is a great option for anyone looking to keep their car safe.

One of the best ways to improve your car’s security is to install an Ghost-II immobiliser. This unique immobiliser was created for high-end and luxury vehicles and is extremely effective in protecting against theft. It is silent and doesn’t transmit radio signals, making it unnoticeable by sophisticated thieves who use scanner tools to hack into your vehicle’s ECU. It can be utilized in conjunction with alarms to provide an extra layer of protection against theft.

It’s quiet

Autowatch Ghost takes the hassle out securing your vehicle. This next generation device prevents key cloning, hacking and even the possibility of having your key fob stolen. It is installed in your vehicle’s data network CAN, it only allows the engine to start after a unique PIN has been entered. It doesn’t require any additional key fobs and works through the buttons on your steering wheel and central console as well as door panels. It is not equipped with LED indicators, which means it is not able to be spotted by thieves. This device is approved by insurance companies (TASSA), and it could even lower your insurance costs.

It is invisible to criminals using diagnostic tools, as it communicates silently with the vehicle’s data circuit and does emit radio signals. When a user enters their PIN code, it enters service mode. This is to ensure that the vehicle is able to be used for everyday driving, it is especially useful when your car is undergoing an MOT or is being cleaned by a professional. The Ghost will leave the service mode based upon the speed and time, meaning you don’t have to enter your PIN again. You can also alter the PIN code at any point.

The Ghost is also secured by a fail-safe feature that blocks any outputs that detect interference, like an attempt to hack the vehicle with a laptop or another person attempting to steal the car. This is a great security feature that makes the Ghost an ideal choice for high-end cars.

The Autowatch Ghost is easy to install and operate. The system is accessible through the app on your phone that is compatible with all phones and connects to your Ghost device using Bluetooth within a 5-10m range. The app is available on Android and iOS phones. The app is easy to use and is free to download.

The Ghost will turn off the outputs of your vehicle when there is interference. This is extremely useful for high-end modern automobiles. It’s a great way to keep your car’s joy safe and protected, so why not take the time to protect your vehicle today?

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