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Cost of a Ghost Immobiliser

Whether you own a vehicle that is expensive or rare, or simply your joy and pride in investing years and lots of money on it the one thing you do not want to lose is. Car immobilisers can be an excellent method to keep your vehicle secure from thieves and to protect it from theft.

The Ghost is the first aftermarket CAN-bus immobiliser on the world that provides protection against critical cloning attacks, hacking attacks, and relay attacks. It also comes with Valet mode when you hand your vehicle over to a service.


The cost of an immobiliser ghost is a small price for the peace-of-mind and security it offers your vehicle. This technology has existed for a very long time. However, car thieves have become increasingly sophisticated and advanced.

With a ghost immobiliser, you can rest assured that your joy and pride will be safe from the ever-growing threat of theft via contactless. The device can block the ignition without a key, making it impossible for thieves steal your vehicle. It is also able to prevent the engine from starting even if a criminal has access to the engine code.

Ghost immobilisers are more effective than other kinds of anti-theft devices. This is because they don’t rely on physical deterrents, such as wheel locks and steering wheel clamps, but instead operate in secret by connecting to the vehicle’s CAN data network. Because of this, they are much harder to identify and defeat.

Additionally, ghost immobilisers are able to safeguard your vehicle from key cloning and hacking. These devices are able to do this by linking up to the factory buttons on the dashboard of your vehicle and on the steering wheel, resulting in an exclusive disarm sequence that is only accessible to you. These can be anywhere between four to twenty button presses. This makes them impossible for thieves to crack and, consequently, your Lexus is secure from car thieves who use high-tech technology.

In addition, they can be used to stop the theft of other kinds of vehicles, like motorhomes as well as vans and bikes. They can also be connected to motors, rendering them unusable in the case of theft.

Ghost immobilisers can also be installed under the steering wheel which makes them more discreet than other methods. They can also be concealed in the dashboard or center console, meaning that they will not be capable of revealing your location to thieves. They are also smaller than traditional immobilisers and because they do not emit any radio frequencies, they are untraceable. In fact, ghost devices don’t even have LED indications or buttons that could be easily stolen or hacked by thieves.


The ghost immobiliser is a concealed device that is tucked away in your car to protect it from being taken. It connects to the CAN data circuit of your vehicle and generating a unique PIN code that only you know. The device will not turn on the engine until the pin code and key fob are entered. This makes it difficult for thieves to use sophisticated RF scanning or code grabbing technology to detect the security system that your vehicle is equipped with. This stops thieves from cutting wires and installing relays to bypass the security system.

Another advantage of the ghost immobiliser is that it’s concealed within the vehicle, making it difficult to detect by thieves. The installation doesn’t require drilling or any other work. This makes it an excellent choice for those who are worried about compromising their car’s aesthetic or those who want to keep their cars in top condition for as long as is possible. It’s also a great option for those looking to upgrade their cars with the latest technology, or are concerned about their car being stolen.

The Autowatch Ghost II immobiliser is an exclusive CAN device that protects against theft without cutting wires or installing additional keys that are made for aftermarket use. It is a TASSA-verified product that has been proven to be reliable in protecting your vehicle from key theft and hacking. It can also help reduce your insurance premiums as it can be connected to the International Security Register.

This CAN immobiliser makes use of the buttons on your vehicle to generate a unique pin code that must be entered to start the engine. This prevents thieves from using a code graber to get the vehicle to start and makes sure that they don’t take it away. This also prevents them from listening to the sound of a traditional relay immobiliser.

The Ghost II CAN has a service function that lets you operate your vehicle temporarily without a PIN code. This feature is ideal for those who must leave their vehicle in valet parking or to service. Once the PIN code is entered again, the ghost immobiliser will leave service mode. This will ensure that your vehicle remains protected throughout the day.


A ghost immobiliser can stop your car from being stolen. Once it is installed, the device will disable your vehicle’s engine if someone attempts to start it with a certain sequence of buttons or pedals. Only the owner of the vehicle will have access to this unique PIN code or sequence, making it difficult for thieves to steal with your vehicle.

This cutting-edge technology is available from many firms that specialize in security for vehicles. Car Specialist Customs is one of them, providing various services that will help you safeguard your vehicle from theft and other types of damage. They include monitoring your car’s condition, detecting vibrations and contact with the vehicle, and notifying you of any attempted engine starts or other anomalies.

A ghost immobiliser can be fitted to a wide variety of vehicles that include caravans, motorcycles as well as plant machinery and ride-on lawn mowers. These devices are small and low-maintenance, and connect to the vehicle’s data network. They can be placed in a concealed place and operate without indicators or radio signals. Some ghost immobiliser and tracker immobilisers can be TASSA certified, which means they meet strict standards for security.

Many people are looking for ways to stop car theft and ghost immobilisers are an excellent option. They are easy to set up and cost-effective, meaning you will save money on insurance by reducing the risk of theft. These devices make it difficult for thieves to copy your key or hack the vehicle’s security. It is essential to safeguard your vehicle from car thefts, which are on the rise at the moment.

Ghost immobilisers, which is a new technology, can prevent car thefts by blocking the signal sent by your key fob to the car’s ignition. They can be customized to meet your needs, meaning you can choose up to 20 different sequences to disarm. These sequences are a combination of different buttons on the dashboard as well as the steering wheel and doors of your vehicle. If the person who is stealing your car does not enter the correct sequence within a specified time the vehicle will be automatically shut down.

The Right to Rent

Ghost immobilisers can be installed in your vehicle to stop thieves from taking it away by preventing the vehicle from starting when you don’t begin it. It’s a highly effective anti-theft device that is more effective than wire leapers. It works quietly and does not interfere with the radio or other functions in your vehicle. The cost of an immobiliser from Ghost can be low and a wise investment over the course of time.

While car thieves are becoming more sophisticated, it’s the norm for vehicles to be taken without keys from the owner. Cloning equipment door lock picks, door lock picks and other tools can be purchased online to bypass security systems installed by the factory on a wide range of vehicles. It is important to protect your car with an immobiliser that is ghost-proof.

The Autowatch Ghost is the first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser. It is at the forefront of vehicle protection technology. It shields your vehicle from key-cloning, hacking (relay attack) and also stops thieves from driving away with your joy and pride. It is an invisible device that does not make use of LED indicators or key fobs. It can be installed at any location that is hidden. It operates through the ECU and is unnoticeable to the naked eye.

It is also TASSA-certified which confirms the quality of this product. Its design is a great suitable for any car modification business, and can be easily fitted by experts who specialize in this type of security for vehicles. It is therefore the most preferred choice for car stolen with ghost immobiliser enthusiasts and those who are seeking an effective solution for their vehicle security.

If you’re considering purchasing a ghost immobiliser to your vehicle, you could be wondering if it will cause the warranty to be void. Be sure to research the issue before making a final decision. Certain companies will not honor warranties in the event that the product is altered or tampered with in any way. Most car modification companies will give you a full refund when they discover that their work is damaged or does not work properly.

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