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Patented Technology

Innovation meets Comfort and Desire for Personalization. They love each other, they hate each other … but they speak the same language.

The union of these worlds represents a set of values that allows DOLMIE Brand Products to be the Bedding sector’s point of reference.

Dolmie products and the patented technology with which they are produced represent the freedom to personalize your comfort by deciding on pillow density in complete autonomy and with incredible simplicity.

The Fundamental Values that only the Dolmie Products offer are expressed with these symbols:


The DOLMIE pillows are suitable for everyone and, thanks to the modular filling with microloops, they are versatile and customizable.


Each pillow is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, anti-mite and anti-mold and is made of certified and guaranteed material, with full respect for the health of the person.


The patented microloops technology promotes perspiration, the exchange of internal air and the rapid dispersion of humidity and heat.


The reactive structure allows each pillow to be unconformable and immediately return to the initial conditions.


The pillows offer a cervical support that perfectly fits to the neck and the head, keeping your back in the correct position.


The particular composition of the pillows keeps it always fresh, ensuring excellent thermoregulation.


Every Dolmie pillow
is made by experts
artisans and is totally
Made in Italy


Both the cover and the interior of the pillows are totally machine washable at 30 °, to have a pillow that is always hygienically perfect.


The pillows are made of eco-compatible materials, both with man and the environment. Microloops are 100% recovered from processing waste.


DOLMIE has an exclusive patented system with microloops padding, which makes it a revolutionary and unique product in the world.

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