Thor M2 Laser Pointer

The Thor M2 laser pen is an easily rechargeable, user-friendly pen that shoots at targets projected on video or in other directions. The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to transport around. It comes with five interchangeable tips as well as two rechargeable batteries, and the charging cable. It comes with a carrying case to make it easier. The device can be used to entertain guests , or to teach children. A Do Not Apply sticker is included in the purchase of this product.

The output of the Thor M2 is 1w. It has a spot that’s not round but the form of the laser diode. The 3W model is slow to turn on while the 1.6w version is activated immediately. The model is powered by two 16340 batteries. However, if you’re searching for a laser-pointer with focusing features, you may want to look at an alternative model.

If you’re in search of an laser pointer that’s powerful and won’t cost a lot, then the Thor M2 laser pen is an excellent choice. Its design allows for easy adjustment of the focus of the beam. The Thor M2’s high output lets you to target different regions of the targeted area. Thor M2 is suitable for indoor and outdoor presentations. It can be used in conjunction with a tripod or an gimbal.

The Thor M2 is an excellent option for any classroom, business meeting or any other event. Its high output makes it perfect for teaching students or giving presentations before an audience of many. The 1.6W model has an automatic timer that turns the unit on. It is the best choice for travel because it can be put in your bag and utilized afterward. A tripod is also useful for carrying the device.

The Thor M2 laser pointer is an excellent option for use in the classroom. It comes in several colors to help you to find the target area. It can be set on a table and held comfortably. Students who don’t want their equipment to break will appreciate the Thor M2’s 1 year warranty. The Thor M2 also has an auto-shutoff functionthat differs from other devices.

The Thor M2 features the 1.6-watt output, and a 3W output. Although the spot is not circular, the laser has exactly the same size as the diode laser. The 3W version is slightly delayed, while the 1.6W version is able to be activated immediately. The Thor M2 uses two 16340 batteries. It is easy to locate a useful and cheap one either online or through a forum.

The Thor M2 is a single-watt output. The spot isn’t a circular shape but it’s the exact shape of the laser diode. The 3W version has a delay while the 1.6W version automatically turns on and buy lasers off. Both versions do not come with built-in focus. Both have buttons however, you need to press the button located on top to select the proper setting.

The Thor M2 has a 1.6-watt output, which makes it one of the very first buy lasers with a one-watt output. The light is not circular, but it is exactly the design of the laser diode. The three-watt model has an in-between time when it turns on however the 1.6-watt model is on instantly. Both models feature built-in focus however, the three-watt model does.

The Thor M2’s safety features are a crucial feature. The device is designed to be secure. Because of its high intensity, it has been subject to recall multiple times. The warning label that is on the laser’s pointer contains valuable information about its use. The label shows the wavelength of light from lasers and warns the user not to be looking at it. The light could also be extremely intense and can cause harm to other objects.

The Thor M2 is an excellent tool for presenting. The M2’s powerful laser and high-quality design make it a great tool to present. You can use the Thor M2 laser pointer to help present to groups of people. The device is easy to use and comes with a a protective lens. It is designed to withstand the most challenging conditions. The screen is easily visible due to the low-powered red light. It’s durable and great for conferences.

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