Microloops refills

Recharge of memory foam microloops, to personalize your Dolmie pillow.

Reload Microloops 300 g

Small Microloops Refill


Reload Microloops 300 g

Reload Microloops 600 g

Large Microloops Refill


Reload Microloops 600 g


Microloops are Dolmie’s innovative filling system that allow you to customize your comfort during sleep.

Just adjust the amount of micro cylinders to be inserted in the padding of your Dolmie pillow to decide the level of density and height that best suits your needs.

Made with materials obtained from the processing of memory foam sheets, in full respect of the environment, the microloops guarantee maximum safety thanks to their antibacterial, hypoallergenic and anti-mite properties.

It is also possible to keep your pillow always hygienically perfect, thanks to the included washing bag, in which to insert the microloops for a simple washing at 30 ° in the washing machine and dryer.

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