Microloops refills

Increase stiffness and Height or Renew Comfort

300 gr Microloops Refill

Small Microloops Refill


300 gr Microloops Refill

600 gr. Microloops Refill

Large Microloops Refill


600 gr. Microloops Refill


Dolmie Cushions are a “Patented System” to personalize your comfort during sleep.

You decide the level of “density” and “height” of the pillow with an exclusive filling system that you can easily modulate.

Maximum safety and hygiene thanks to certified and guaranteed hypoallergenic, anti-mite and antibacterial materials with which each Dolmie Brand Product is made.

All this is possible thanks to Dolmie Microloops!

Made with materials obtained from creative recycling in full respect of the environment which always keep the pillows hygienically perfect with simple washes in the washing machine at 30 °. 
Patented Production System that respects the Environment and allows you to Customize Your Own Comfort


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