“long legs” rental service from A to Z

Walking around social networking sites, especially fanpage pages on Facebook, just type the phrase “Hire a lover” into the search box, sex, call girl, immediately there will be dozens of results. provide this type of service. We seem to be lost in the matrix of advertising images about the rental service of lovers, girlfriends, ky niem chuong and even fiancés to meet our parents. There are addresses with tens of thousands of followers, even these fanpages are automatically suggested by this social network system for users.

Click on the page called “Lease lover, party PG, model, actor”, we see a lot of information and images related to renting a lover. According to the instructions on the fanpage, to register to hire PG or other services such as lovers, models, actors, customers can contact us in two ways: Either directly message the fanpage, or send an email. to the address ngankhxxx.xxxxxx@gmail.com sex, call girl, for more detailed instructions.

We sent an email to the above mailbox address, with the content: “I’m H in Hanoi. Looking to hire a girlfriend to go out on New Year’s Eve around Hanoi. Requirements: Want a girlfriend born in 1994 – 1997, going out for only 2 to 3 hours. If so, please let me know.”


From time immemorial, crystal medallions are considered as a high-class gift, a default gift for large and small events. Not only at the cheap commemorative price that is suitable for the vast majority of users. Crystal has long shown elegance and sophistication, using crystal medals as domestic or foreign gifts.

– Crystal medals used to give gratitude to customers, gifts to honor women on March 8 and October 20.

– Big and small events: class meeting, union congress, company establishment, honoring employees with excellent achievements…

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