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Like many other writers, I have always wanted to write a book and started scribbling stories as a child. I have also always been an avid reader. When I started my first book I did not know what I was doing. It was a learning experience and I was not sure I could even write an entire book, but at last I did have a completed manuscript. I then began my search for a publisher.

short story writing If you’re new to business, you might substitute a person who has inspired you to choose to do the work you’re doing, or a group of people you’d like to attract as clients. Make these real people. “Someone who can pay” is not a niche. Someone suffering from a specific problem is.

There’s Jonathan Hive, the Ace who wants to be a writer and ties everything together with his blog posts. His specialty is transforming his body into wasps and sending them out to sting or spy for him. The others are equally memorable, like Drummer Boy, the six armed rock star and ladies man. The ladies have their own kick ass heroines like Earth Witch, the Latina lady who can move the earth. And on the other side of the world there are the Jokers in Egypt who have mutated into characters that look like ancient Egyptian gods.

4) Edit! Once you’ve finished writing a piece of Flash Fiction, don’t think it’s over. Read over it and over it cutting words that are unnecessary. If you find yourself under the word limit, then you have two options. First, see if there are any words that you could sneak in that will enhance the story. However, John Winston Howard don’t do it for the sake of it, the second option is, if you’re happy with the story, just leave it. If you’ve managed to write a story that you’re happy with and have words to spare, then you’re just even cleverer aren’t you?

After that experience, I then became even more determined to learn about publishing. If you are wondering if writing competitions has enough experience with writing competitions you should check how long they have been around. I sought out writing groups, attended writers conferences, and joined a critique group. As I gained more confidence in my writing I started entering writing contests and placed in the top three in several writing competitions. One of my first place prizes included being read by a senior editor at Kensington. The editor liked my manuscript and offered me a two-book contract.

So when a writer catches the dreaded writer’s block, her whole world is affected. The writer starts to doubt her talent. Since we are talking about writer, let’s see how write Invite on relates to it. Doubt can easily turn into depression. Depression can morph into self-destructive behavior, like drinking, doing drugs, or worse. It’s not a pretty picture.

This is the hardest lesson for a start-up writer to learn. We all start out by writing to amuse just ourself or maybe our writing group. It takes an entirely new mindset to craft a story for the market.

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